Woolf Design Atelier

Zurich - CH

The project

Developed in the area facing the current museum, the project resembles a compact volume in plan and fragmented in elevation, consisting of volumes that are related to the surrounding buildings.

The idea was to develop museum on two levels, with complementary functions and different expressions. Accessing through a ramp is a main level, divided into multiple rooms of different sizes, heights and lighting. These rooms house the permanent exhibition.

The lower level which receives light from grass and water patios not visible from other parts of the building is home to temporary exhibitions. The space is an open space, divided into three levels and surmounted by a large girder slab that represents the bipartition of the building.

The upper part of the entrance volume contains offices and restaurant bar at the top, with impressive panoramic views of the city.

Project Details

  • Client
    University project
  • Location
    Zurich, CH
  • Year
  • Size
Project Team

Arch. Giacomo Zamboni
Arch. Enrico Armanni

Via Beltramina, 19a
6900 Lugano, CH

0041 78 912 04 41
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