Lake of Poschiavo

The project

Complementary to the Lago Bianco project, the project of Lake Poschiavo focused on redesign of Miralago lakefront and design of the entrance of hydroelectric 1000 MW power plant cave.

The project aims to improve the lakefront accessibility, which is currently limited by Rhaetian railway line. The new lakefront includes square, marina and a new railway station.

Access to the Camp Martin hydroelectric plant is defined by sectioned dam. A large eye shaped portal becomes an observation point and symbol of symbiosis between technology and environment.

Project Details

  • Client
    RePower AG
  • Location
    Lake of Poschiavo, CH
  • Year
  • Size
Project Team

Arch. Giacomo Zamboni
Arch. Aurelio Galfetti

Via Beltramina, 19a
6900 Lugano, CH

0041 78 912 04 41
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