The Stealth

Single family home
Morcote - CH

The project

Completed in the early 2019, The Stealth represents an exciting experience involving a strong multidisciplinary team of experts. The project evolved several times over the course of the design and construction process, enriching itself with numerous details that contributed a final structure of a great spatial complexity.

Despite the large dimensions of the site, accessibility posed a challenge, as the site is accessible only through an eight-meter street front located in the upper part. This led to the development of a roof as the fifth facade of the building. The centerpiece of the whole project is the roof, a large black wing that houses the spaces of the house.

The wing, made of heavy metal carpentry, frees up the space of the living area, which is transparent both north and south. The large automated glass walls allow opening of both fronts, emphasizing the sequence of spaces. The water patio is the first of the spaces in sequence, followed by the living room, porch, garden, outdoor swimming pool and finally the lake.

Inside the house, the principle of covering composite material of the exterior changes and becomes boiserie. Black color abstracts the details and everything disappears behind the panel modules. The entire wings of the house are hidden behind floor to ceiling panels.

A staircase leads to the floor below, so that unexpected spaces are discovered, such as the indoor swimming pool and the underground gym, illuminated through a triangular patio.

The master bedroom is also a traversing space. To the north a patio diffuses indirect light, while toward the south window opens toward an intimate garden.

In all spaces, the protagonist is the landscape, where The Stealth inserts invisibly through its matt black surfaces.

Project Details

  • Client
  • Location
    Morcote, CH
  • Year
    2015 / 2019
  • Size
    750 sqm SUL
Project Team

Giacomo Zamboni architetto
Atelier RiBo +

The gallery

01 strada2
02 garage
03 ingresso
04 patio2
05 patio
06 soggiorno
07 soggiorno2
08 soggiorno3
09 pranzo2
10 pranzo
11 cucina
12 cucina2
13 cantina
14 bagno4
15 bagno1
16 bagno2
17 bagno3
18 palestra
19 piscina
20 bagno5
21 letto
22 sud2
23 portico2
24 portico1
25 sud3
26 sud
27 portico4
28 portico3

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