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Proposal for the enhancement of the Visconti Castle

Locarno - CH

The project

Tasked to draw up a proposal for the enhancement of the Visconti Castle by Locarno city, the careful examination of the de facto state was conducted.

The extensive study convinced us that the initially requested small changes wouldn’t deliver on the overall project aim to reinvigorate Locarno city ‘New Spine’.

Organizing a public urban architectural competition on a national level is the best way to achieve that goal. 

To ensure delivery of the optimal output for the city, project is divided into 4 stages, where each stage corresponds to one of the 4 following concepts: Urban Planning, Architectural Vision, Vision of Restoration and Exhibition View.

Project Details

  • Client
    Locarno Town Hall
  • Location
    Locarno, CH
  • Year
  • Size
Project Team

Arch. Giacomo Zamboni
Arch. Aurelio Galfetti
Arch. Carola Barchi