Single family house
Lugano - CH

The project

The extraordinary place where this project is located is the matrix of the idea. A house that opens at 360 degrees towards the surrounding landscape. On the top of the hill three volumes are projected into the landscape, following the orography. The volumes house the master bedroom, the children's rooms and the kitchen. Above these volumes, a large square roof covers the central space.

The square highlights a precise point, the top of the hill, the point where the view embraces the whole landscape, the large living room. A space open to all directions and where each direction houses a function: northwest the entrance, southeast the representative living room, southwest the dining room, northeast the family room. The space is modular with the use of sliding walls, so clients can have intimate environment or living the space in its territorial dimension of 360 degrees.
The glass volume of the outdoor swimming pool juts out to the south-west, gradually emerging from the ground, becoming the stage of the large garden.

The lower floor is announced along the driveway by the garage. The garage is an exhibition gallery that in sequence with the indoor pool creates a telescope across the hill.

The janitor's house is the entrance to the property, separate but accessible through the garage. Below the master bedroom block are additional guest rooms, while below the children's wing are the house's service areas.

A multifunctional underground space, which takes light from the double-height entrance and the indoor swimming pool is a connecting element to the low garden, open both towards the lake and the Alps, completes the colonization of the hilltop.

Project Details

  • Client
  • Location
    Lugano, CH
  • Year
  • Size
    1.500 sqm GIA
Project Team

Arch. Giacomo Zamboni

Via Beltramina, 19a
6900 Lugano, CH

0041 78 912 04 41
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